Do you feel like life just passes by?

Sorry for the silence across the blog and our social media, at the minute life is hectic and every moment I get to blog something pops up!

There is lots going on at the moment from the first few weeks at school (which has been loved!) and then the first germs of the autumn which has affected us all. There is also a few other things going on which means its safe to say life is passing by in such a blur at the minute.

Next month is Kayleigh’s 5th birthday… I know a whole 5 years old! I’m starting to feel old now….

It is also almost a year to the day of our accident, lots still going on with that and I’m due to see the neurologist for some further tests next month. Just hard to believe that all happened almost a year ago.

This fact combined with everything else has made me realise how important it is to spend some quality time doing nothing…. Just savouring our time together and making lots of memories.

So don’t worry I’m still here, just tied up with lots of other things at the moment and enjoying my little family.

On the blog in the next few months we will have Halloween bits, birthday bits and then the whole Christmas features like last year so don’t disappear!

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