Don’t Judge a book by its cover!

Yesterday was a manic morning as we spent most of it in the pre-school sorting some bits out. By the time we got out it was well past lunch time & we had to pop into town to do some banking.

Kayleigh & Ethan had already eaten lunch at the pre-school however I hadn’t so thought I’d grab a bite to eat from town whilst we were there.

After doing our quick stops in town we headed towards MacDonalds…. yup I said MacDonalds!

Anyway I ordered myself something & Kayleigh said she was hungry so I ordered her a chicken nugget happy meal, with a mini chocolate milkshake. As per usual there was no space to eat in the restaurant so we headed out to find a bench inside town to sit on.

This was when it became quiet funny actually, the amount of people who walked past me & judged me was simply astounding. You could see from their expressions they we’re thinking “oh my god she obviously feed’s them junk food all the time” “crikey look at her with 2 toddlers eating crap, what a great example she is”.

It reminded me of the time I was in town on one of my days off, whilst pregnant with Ethan & Kayleigh in the buggy. The amount of looks I got, especially from the older generation, was amazing. I felt like turning round to them & saying ” I do work you know, I am allowed to have days off!”

So for all those that judged me yesterday, let me set some things straight.

  1. Yes my toddlers had chicken nuggets & chips, it was their first MacDonalds since god knows when. Everything in moderation is fine (note there was no fruit shoot as they send them doolalyee!).
  2. No they don’t live on junk food! I cook from scratch most of the time, we don’t have processed food, jars of sauces or anything like that in our cupboards or freezer!
  3. Yes I have 2 toddlers & was in town at lunch time on a Friday, but no I don’t sit on my arse the rest of the week. I’m currently working 28 hours over 4 days & studying for a degree & higher education qualification whilst looking after my children.
  4. No I don’t really care if you judged me, but I thought I’d answer the questions that you looked like you wanted to ask as you starred on the way past.

You see, this world is full of judgemental people, its human nature. However stereotyping someone is dangerous, especially if they don’t turn out to be what you was expecting.

Have you ever had a comment made or that look given to you by someone you dont know?

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