Dream Home

I think deep down we all think about having a dream home, a place in the country 5 bedrooms all en-suite with acres of land, indoor swimming pool etc but lets face it in reality it’s not likely to happen to most of us so we have to work with what we can afford.

Unless I win the lottery I think we have found our forever home. Yes it’s not in a massive plot and we are near the airport, its overlooked, however its ours for a start, it was our first home we brought and it was the home that we brought both our children home to after their births. To me it holds some magical memories and I don’t think I would really want to give it up. Yes it’s a bungalow and yes its up some steep steps that make it awkward to get to but I love it.

There is so much that needs to be done and I would like to get done to the house over time that I have the vision I just need the money and time!

Firstly we are going to start on the things that need doing, so those are:

  • Need new windows
  • Need to re-do the loft insulation

This is more to keep the house warm, as its freezing at the moment and we can most definitely feel it, the draft from the windows is blooming freezing at the minute!

Then there are the things I would like to get done (be warned this is a very long list!):

  • Back garden flattened (its a steep grassy hill at the back so we would love this all taken out and make the land useable)
  • Drive put in the front (like the back its a hill so taken out and a drive put in)
  • Living room extended, not by much but its a bit  of an odd shape at the front so we would like the wall pushed forward and a new front door put it.
  • New kitchen, its been in progress since we have moved but I would like a new one, especially one with the new flashy knife blocks you see on the magnet adverts that comes out of the worktop.
  • New bathroom, needs gutting and replaced.
  • extension to make it into a 3 bed so the children can have a room each.
  • Redecorate the living room (once the wall has been moved) installing some windows in the ceiling.
  • Decorate the bedroom and have fitted wardrobes put in so it has better storage and is more useable, its a long thin room so not the best space.

So as you can see I might not need to win the lottery but 5 numbers and the bonus ball would be good!

The thing is, I’ve been thinking about it so much that I already know what colour themes I would like, what type of bathroom I would want installed and I’m excited. I know it will be years away but I’m excited to see the finished product, I cant wait!

Do you have a dream home or do you have dreams of doing work to your own home?

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