Dressing for success: How to Dress for The Job You Want

It’s often said that you should dress for the job you want and not the job you have. This can be a great way to get yourself noticed at work and help with any promotions or opportunities within the workplace. Whilst dressing alone isn’t enough to secure that promotion, dressing like you already have the job you want can help make stand out get noticed. Power dressing in 2018 can be described as dressing to make yourself feel awesome. The better and more confident you feel in the clothes you wear can have a positive impact on the work you do and how you behave in the workplace.

Suit up

Nothing says you mean business more than a suit. Perfect for power dressing in the office, finding a suit that you feel comfortable and confident is a great investment. Especially for days, you need to deliver a presentation or have an important meeting scheduled in. Suits don’t have to mean dressing in plain colours either, mix things up with patterns or textures and opt for some interesting colours. You can easily break up the whole suited look and pair the jacket with something a little less formal. Or mix up the skirt or trousers with a more casual blouse.  When you invest in a suit you want to make sure you can get your monies worth.

Mix it up

You don’t have to completely revamp your workwear wardrobe to start dressing for success, adding in some new pieces can have the same impact. A blazer can work wonders and can smarten a lot of outfits. Choosing something that flatters your shape, in a classic colour such as black, white or navy means you can pair it with most things in your wardrobe. Starting with smaller changes to what you’re wearing is easier when it comes to transitioning into your new workwear looks. Just mixing up your usual workwear look can help you get noticed and make you feel as though you’re dressing for your new role.

Nail the smart casual

If your working environment has a relaxed dress code, then you might not have the need to dress in a suit or take things too dressy. In this case, focus on one area such as trousers, they can be easily styled up or down and work for all occasions. Bonmarche have a large range of trousers which can work for office wear and evening events. Choosing a smarter tailored style and then pair them with plain tee can help smarten your look without going too formal.

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