End of an Era

That’s it, we’ve come to an end of an era in our house hold. No longer do I have any babies.

Kayleigh in her 4d Scan and not long after being born.











Ethan’s 4d scan and not long after being born.

Ok granted Ethan stopped being a baby since he turned 1 but now the only thing baby like left is the nappies. He stopped his bottles not long after turning 1, the dummy went a few months ago and then he switched into the bed which means the cot was dismantled for the last time yesterday and is now looking for a new home.

Its been up since September 2008 in anticipation of Kayleigh’s arrival, when the spare room was transformed into my dream nursery

So it has served us well, it’s just a bit of a sad moment to see it go. I didn’t feel too sad when the moses basket went or the travel system but this makes it seem so final. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want any more children, but to me it’s like the end of a chapter in a book.

Having a baby has been a big part of my life last 3 years of my life and now its finished. I was pregnant in 2008, 2009 and 2010 so this is also the 1st year I’ve not been pregnant, which in a way is lovely! But like most mum’s reading this will understand, although your done having children, there is always that thought about “what if” I had another.

I never would, our house is 2 beds with just enough space for us as it is, with no chance of moving plus Kayleigh and Ethan have such a strong bond I would need to have another 2 to make it even 😉

So one chapter has closed and another one has opened, I’m interested to see what the next 3 years bring for me.

Some lie in’s I hope!


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