Sure sign of summer, everyone starts to decorate!

AIt seemed last weekend that everyone had the same idea that we had to get to B&Q when it opened to do a bit of shopping so the could re decorate and do some gardening in their house as it was packed! I’m sure the moment the sun comes out, us Brits have this urge to do DIY?!

Neither the less we battled through B&Q grabbing our magnolia paint and a few other bits that we needed along the way to star giving our house a bit of a pretty up.

See we are currently in the process of remortgaging so are trying to ensure it is as pretty as it can be on a tight budget to get it ready for valuation.

We have been in our house for over 8 years now so we have done lots of little bits such as putting the astro turf down in our garden and also the new bathroom but our kitchen hasn’t really been touched.

When we first moved in we took down a wall between the hall and porch and also changed the tiles and cupboard doors but other than that the kitchen had 3 different colour paints from the two rooms and where a cupboard was removed so it was long overdue a bit of a makeover.

In the next couple of years we are planning to extend our kitchen to give us more space so we didn’t want to go too mad with the decorating which is why we went for simple magnolia for now however it has made such a big difference!

We also quickly covered the horrible green wall in our hall with a new coat of paint on the wall and hanging one of our wedding gifts up on the wall at long last.

Saga Equity Release kindly gave us a voucher towards our B&Q build as their most popular reason for equity release in a home is for home improvements and I can see why.

With the house prices climbing so much, lots of people are choosing to stay in their homes and extend/decorate to make it their dream home, I know we are!

If you want more information on their equity release and what people use it for, why not have a look at this information from Saga.

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