How to have a fabulous retro Christmas

This Christmas, why not think outside the box and have yourself a fabulous, retro festive season. Shake what your mother gave you, and enjoy the best of the food and fashion from your childhood or even earlier. Retro is back in, and you should embrace it to give your Christmas presents and menu a unique touch – that will make your relatives want to come back to see you next year. So, if you are a secret lover of all things retro, or are seriously interested in embracing vintage – in all its glory – then keep these tips in mind to have a seriously fabulous festive season.

Retro wrapping

When it comes to giving, there’s no reason why you can’t go wild and truly embrace all things retro. Whether you want to give your family a gift that reminds you or your youth, or perhaps you want to recreate some much-loved packaging, then why not go wild and go retro? Sites such as Zazzle offer a range of vintage Christmas wrapping paper to help inspire your giving and wrapping mood. We often yearn for the times gone by as they remind us of simpler but happy times: no iPads, no mobile phones. Retro gifts, and vintage wrapping paper is a great way to express your style and interests – plus all those memories will inspire your nearest and dearest to share their heartfelt stories on Christmas day.

Fabulous fashion

If you are going vintage, then you need to make sure that your fabulous festive outfit also compliments your theme.  Choose your style icon – from Brigitte Bardot to Jackie O, and roll with it. Make sure that you embrace and enhance the best of the fashion from through the decades. If you are interested in the 1950s, then choose dresses that go in at the waist and block heels – ideal as these flatters most shapes and sizes. Be sure to compliment your look with fabulous and fun accessories, such as big sunglasses and glamorous earrings.  Once you’ve chosen your outfit, enjoy it! It’s only Christmas once a year after all.

Sensational style

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, and love all things glamorous and glitzy then you are in luck. Retro decorations were a lot flashier and over the top back in the day. Think glass baubles that shimmer and shine, that you can pick up from your local flea market or even the Pound shop if you are on a budget. Make sure that you choose a fairy that looks almost lifelike, to give your tree a topper that will take you all back in time. Decorate your home and mantelpiece with some seasonal greenery, such as holly and mistletoe, for that unique retro touch. Finally, be sure to hang some paper chains from the ceiling – you can even use newspaper, or paper from your local craft shop for this – for some seriously sensational retro style.

Gorgeous gifts

When it comes to gorgeous gifts, in particular if you are following a 1950s theme, then less really is more. It could be as simple as giving your nearest and dearest some authentic Baby Cham glasses, some sunglasses or a unique watch – but you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune as even the smallest detail will count. Make sure that you choose one statement present for your nearest and dearest, as this will mean a lot more than hundreds of smaller items that they don’t really need, or appreciate. Once you’ve chosen your gifts you can go ahead and wrap them up in your retro wrapping paper – and you’ve got a present that is both tasteful and authentic, not to mention right out of the 1950s.

While it can be difficult choosing a theme for your Christmas celebrations, don’t let this put you off. If you want to have a wonderful retro Christmas season, then make sure that you make it fabulous and fun this 2017. From choosing gifts that are authentically realistic from your chosen era, to making sure that the retro wrapping paper fits with your present, use this as an opportunity to let your style and creativity run wild. For the truly authentic experience, make sure that your festive outfit and decorations are as accurate and realistic as possible, in line with your chosen era.  Once you’ve sorted your retro theme, put the Champagne, or Baby Cham, on ice and enjoy yourself! Christmas only happens once a year, so it’s your time to be stylish and sensational.

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