Family Fun at Christmas

This time of the year is my absolute favourite! Not only do the kids get excited, we get the chance to indulge in nice food but also I get a nice long break from work to spend with the kids and just generally enjoy time as a family without the stress and rush of work.

With 2 toddlers its hard to do things that keep them both interested for a long time however the one thing they both love is snuggling up for a DVD and popcorn! Normally we watch Disney films as these are the kids favourite (I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve seen Tangled!) but occasional its nice for just myself and my other half to snuggle and watch something too. It’s not often we get to go our as a couple so the chance to watch the latest DVD releases at home is a fantastic chance to be us not mummy and daddy! With films like the latest Harry Potter or Green Lantern its nice to be able to relax however there are still some out i would love to watch like Transformers.

But movies days/nights in don’t need to be expensive! Why not pick yourself some bargain DVD’s up, bake some cakes and put your feet up with the kids this holiday period? There are some great bargains out there, especially if you have kids, Alvin and the Chipmunks2 – The Squeakquel for just £3! Nothing better than a cheap activity which keeps them entertained for a few hours 🙂

What are your favourite films? Are there any classics that are in you DVD collection like Ghost or things like that? We have lots of box sets too that we love like NCIS and Bones. Once thing I love about DVD’s is you can watch them and pause them when the time suits you, great when you have young children!


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