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Do you know that 13 million households in the UK have a pet?

I’m not surprised! We have 2 dogs and in the past we have had hamsters, rabbits and even a bearded dragon.

So it’s not really a shock that Kayleigh and Ethan love animals and all things animal related, including films!

With the half term break upon us and its a wet one, now is the perfect time for you to get cosy in front of the tv for a little movie with the kids and why not pop over to Netflix as they have a fab range of films with animals in. Their top picks are:

  • Rango
  • Top Cat – The Movie
  • Up

What’s your all time film with animals in?

I can think of a few such as Madagascar & Babe but my all time favourite has to be Hop. It is the perfect Easter film but it is so good you could watch it any time of the year!

To get you in the mood for a great movie, why not create an animal themed lunch such as this great one below:

How to make a Dog sandwich

You will need

    • 2 x slices of wholemeal bread
    • 1 x wholemeal pita or 1 x slice of wholemeal crust
    • Your favourite sandwich filling
    • Cucumber
    • Cheese
    • Cream cheese (optional)


1. Make a sandwich using two slices of wholemeal bread and your favourite filling

2. Using a sharp knife, cut out a shape that resembles a pear or light bulb (wide and round at one end and narrower and rounded at the other)

3. Using either pitta bread or the slice of a crust, cut two teardrop shapes and then tuck these inside the sandwich so that the rounded section is at the top and the point is downwards

4. To make the nose, cut a slice of cucumber skin and then shape it into a round edged triangle and put it in place

5. For the eyes, take a slice of cheese and using a circular cutter (small cookie cutter), cut two oval eye shapes. Cut some more cucumber skin and using an apple corer or very small circle cutter, make two pupils from the cucumber skin and place on top of the cheese ovals

6. To finish, cut some small curves of cucumber skin using a round cutter and place above the eyes. To give the eyes and nose a more lifelike appearance, use a tiny dot of cream cheese to highlight these


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