Fast and Easy Gift Ideas

As you all know I like crafts. Coming up with an idea, working everything out and actually putting it together is great fun. You learn a lot of skills along the way and can easily make truly personal gifts for your friends and family.

Over the years, I have shared with you some of my projects, especially in the home decor section of this site. However, I appreciate that not everyone enjoys making things. So, I thought I would pull together some fast and easy ways for you to be able send your friends and family truly unique gifts without having to spend too much time to do so.

Photo-related gifts

You can easily create beautiful canvas prints using Hello Canvas. All you need is a nice high-resolution photo or image to send to them. Once you have uploaded it and chosen the style of print you want to be created you can leave the rest up to this professional print firm. This service allows you to buy a beautiful unique gift in as little as 15-minutes.


The majority of these online print firms also offer other items. A good quality phone case featuring a beautiful image that you have created yourself really does make an excellent gift. Other ideas include mugs, t-shirts, soft-furnishings and wall stickers.

Food hampers and restaurant vouchers

If you have a friend with a sweet tooth ordering them a box of chocolates made up of their favourites is now possible. Alternatively, you could send them a celebration box or hamper containing items of food that you know they will enjoy. Birthdays and Christmas are great times to treat a friend of family member to high-end food that they would not otherwise be able to enjoy. Another approach is to simply buy them a voucher to use in their favourite restaurant.

Personalised vouchers

In fact, vouchers make good gifts, full stop. The trick is to make sure that you personalise this type of present as much as possible. For example, a voucher from the beauty parlour you know they like to use rather than one for a supermarket chain. Many small businesses offer gift vouchers, all you need to do is to give them a ring or ask.

Special days out and experiences

Another easy, but thoughtful gift, is to buy a friend or relative an experience related present. This can be anything from cooking or craft classes to a hot air balloon trip. If your family member enjoys the arts you could potentially buy them a theatre ticket that includes dinner and a backstage tour as part of the package.

Easy gifts anyone can make

All of the above would make great gifts, but if you do fancy having a go at making a gift, just click this link. It will take you to a page containing 31 ideas. Most require no special skills to execute. I particularly like the idea of neatly writing a family recipe up on a nice wooden chopping board.

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