Fear of the Unknown

Tonight I’m feeling a bit restless and can’t settle.

You see, tomorrow I’m heading to hospital for a few tests on my shoulder. No sweat you would think, however I can’t switch off thinking about it!

This week has been a bit of a crappy week. My shoulder is still sore and this week is playing up for some reason. Then I woke up Tuesday to find my hand was swollen and I could barely get my ring off. Not to mention the fact it was like my arm was just a floppy weight, that made typing at work interesting to say the least.

I quickly popped to the doctors to have it checked over and get some tablets to help take the swelling down before tomorrow and its worked. It’s still feeling really weak but at least I can feel it.

Tomorrow’s tests are needed as the arm is still not right, I can’t hold things in that arm as its not got the grip for very long, then there is the constant achey pain. I’m just worried about what they may or may not find.

I however made the fatal mistake of googling my tests I’m having… Why oh why did I do that?!

I have no fear of needles or anything like that but the thought of someone poking, prodding and sticking electric currents up my arm does not appeal to me at the moment.

It will be fine, I will be fine… I have no choice. I have life to get on with, even if its with one arm at the moment!

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