Feature Me Friday – Week 2

This week we are featuring a really new blogger – the lovely Anna-Marie!


Anna-Marie other wise known as Cherry Blossom Rain

Blog name & address


How long have you been blogging?

Only since 2012… I’ve been blogging for roughly 3 months with Cherry blossom Rain. I did have another blog before Cherry Blossom which was the starter blog but I was not entirely happy with it so I stared afresh and I am in love with my blog now (sounds silly doesn’t it! but its true) I’m a newbie blogger and finding my feet in the blogging community!

What got you into blogging?

I’ve been reading blogs for a few years, I joined a community forum when I was pregnant with Moo, and that’s where I started following Mummy vs Work and also a few other blogs. I’ve gradually grown to love more blogs and I thought to myself one day, why not give it a go? My original blog was a diary for me, so my children could look back and see what we did as a family, it was private at first but it soon became open and I started to share it, the children can still look back at it when they are older but I feel its become more of “just a diary” and more of a journal about all things family related, if that makes sense!

What is the best bits of blogging?

I love the feedback I get when I get it! I also love writing my posts which is strange as i never used to like writing when I was younger! I use its as an escape sometimes and when I type its comes across the way I talk, read it with an Essex slang accent and you’ve got it on one! Although, might I add I’m not the stereotypical “Essex girl”

What is the worst bit about blogging?

Coming up with ideas when you run out of ideas has to be one. Networking your blog, Ive only been blogging for 3 months, I know, so I am definitely a newbie, but its hard work “networking” and getting your blog seen.

What are you most proud of when it comes to blogging?

The posts I come with, they may be random but I think I do pretty well in what I write about. Also I had my first sponsored post which was great for the blog and I and not been up and running long when I was contacted about it! I most proud that people read the post I write and come back, must mean they like it!

What is your top tip for someone starting a new blog?

Be honest in what you write. Write regularly. Also write about things you know about and are passionate about. Write because it makes YOU happy not because it makes others happy.

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