Fill the gap Friday!

So this is my first Fill the gap Friday with Mummy Alarm so if I get it wrong I apologise!

So here goes:

Before having a baby I wish I had known…

The effects of having 2 babies would have on my body. Yes you hear of stretch marks, poor skin, hair thinning but I never thought it would happen to me!

My tummy is so bad after having Ethan it looks like an 80-year-old it so wrinkly, no seriously i’m telling the truth!

I have spots like a 15-year-old, must sort them out some how, tips & product advice appreciated.

Well my hair, where do I start?! Its thin at the best of times but it has its moments where it falls out in clumps.

So all in all I wish I had known that those things I didn’t think could happen to me, would happen to me!

But do you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing! I would have it all again and worse if it meant I had my 2 gorgeous children.



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