Finally getting a dream bathroom makeover

This week I received possibly one of the best emails I’ve ever got!

Victoria Plum emailed to say I’d won my 5 items I had pinned to my Pinterest board for their Pin It to win it competition. It was the day after my birthday so came as a complete surprise but a welcome one at that. You can read about my win over here.

Our bathroom has pretty much remained untouched since we moved into our home almost 6 years ago. I won’t lie, it needs to be done but we just run our of pennies.

Here is our awful bathroom in all its glory (you’ve been warned!)



Now here is the items I have won (Bath, toilet, sink, taps for the sink and the huge shower head) also there is the extra items I’m planning on getting to finish the look (plus the plugs etc!)




I love all the items I’ve won and picked to add to the bathroom and think it is going to make such a difference to our home.

We headed over to Topps Tiles today to pick some tiles. After nearly an hour in there we came our agreeing…. Then I looked at the brochure and have changed my mind so we’re heading back over again tomorrow to have another look. I never realised it would be so hard to pick tiles but I know I need to get this right as I won’t be changing it again for a while.

It’s not helped either by the fact the bathroom is tiny, less than 2 meter square so I need to make sure its bright and airy.

I’m still in shock this is really happening and its a welcome treat. I’ll keep you updated on how the makeover goes.

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