Five big things that happened in 2011

So 2011 is almost over, however some pretty big things have happened in 2011. So I thought why not list the top 5 big things to have happened to me and my family this year, whilst getting others to share! So here goes:

1) I returned to work. Yes I’m not happy this happened but as I said before it’s a necessity not a choice so something I have to just suck up and get on with. The only good thing to have come out of returning to work is I have now got my study paid for.

2) Ethan has learnt to walk! I did worry for a while about him, Kayleigh was a fairly early walker at 11 1/2 months so I was always waiting for Ethan to walk but he never did. I started to worry a little that it was a problem due to him breech but it turned out to be him just being lazy. He went from cruising to being able to get from sitting to a standing position and walking in 1 day after showing no interest… the little monkey!

3) Kayleigh started pre-school. This was a big decision to make. Kayleigh had the chance to start at her pre-school aged 2 1/2 if i paid or we could wait till the term after she turns 3 which is January 2012 but we decided to pay and let her start in May this year. It was a bit tough at first but it is so worth it now. She has come on so much and developed into a proper little girl. Not to mention the massive amounts of art work and baked items she brings back its worth seeing that smile on her face when she comes home.

4) Started guest blogging on Kiddicare. I was offered the chance to guest blog on Kiddicare’s community and now have a weekly post on their blog with a chance to have it published on their Facebook page weekly. Its been great fun even with the one negative comment IĀ got. Jennie at Kiddicare is fantastic and has been a pleasure to work with!

5) I started this blog! Yup this is probably the biggest thing to have happened to me this year. I started this little blog back in July and now look where it is now! I’ve had a chance to work with some amazing brands and PR companies reviewing some great products and running great competitions along the way. I love blogging. It gives me a chance to be artistic sharing my thoughts and photos along the way. So thank you to all of you for reading this and joining in my journey this year.

So now you know the 5 big things that have happened to me this year why don’t you share yours!

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