Forget COVID: Here’s How To Make Christmas Special This Year`

Forget COVID: Here’s How To Make Christmas Special This Year`

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COVID is causing massive disruption to our lives. But that doesn’t mean it has to ruin Christmas, regardless of what the politicians tell us to do. We can still have a great time, so long as we remember how to have fun.

Control Your Expectations

Christmas: is it on or is it off? We just don’t know at the moment. But there is something that we can control: our expectations.

If you expect to have a family Christmas with all the trimmings and it doesn’t materialise, you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment. You have something in your mind that you’d like to happen. But when it doesn’t, you feel dreadfully robbed.

Taking a different tack and just controlling what you can, though, can make all the difference. Perhaps the family can’t come over. Okay – in that case, you’ll just order some delicious food for yourself and set up a Zoom link.

Create The Best Flower Display Ever

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Tinsel and baubles are great. But if you really want to up your Christmas decorations this year, try using fresh flowers.

There are currently many companies offering flower delivery over the holiday period, so you’re not spoiled for choice. And you can browse bouquets in peace, without having to fight the crowds to get to the till.

What’s more, it’s something original. Very few people use flowers as decorations through the winter months, but it can make all the difference to your home’s aesthetics.

Create A New Tradition

Families like to go through the motions at Christmas, doing things a set way. But why not mix things up a little? There’s no reason why events have to follow the same order, year after year.

Holiday traditions can be anything you like. Just remember to be creative.

Surprise Your Neighbours With Gifts

Right now there are probably dozens of people in your neighbourhood who feel isolated at Christmas time. They’re on their own, either because they’re estranged from their families or they’re old.

The Christmas season, however, is the perfect time to spread a little cheer and remind everyone that they’re still involved in celebrations, even if they have nowhere to go. One way to do this is to surprise your neighbours with gifts – a small token of your appreciation.

Make The Day About A Special Person Outside You Family

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We’ve been told that Christmas is all about family. But that’s not entirely true. It’s also about taking care of other members of the community.

There are plenty of people in need out there who don’t have loving families to go to on Christmas day. Those people still need care and love too. If you know somebody like this, why not invite them to your celebrations?

Sing Together

Nothing beats a good sing-along on a cold winter’s day. It fills your loins with warmth and puts you in the festive spirit. Doing karaoke can be a lot of fun and gives you a chance to find out who in your family has the best pipes (or not, as the case may be).

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