Funny Things Toddlers Say

We all wait for the day our little ones start to talk and then they start to come out with the funniest of things when the words they are trying to say don’t quiet come out as they plan!

Though now we are in a new phase with Kayleigh and she is starting to come out with comments that are hilarious to us, but she has a serious face unaware of the comedy moment!

Let me share with you some of her classics:

  • I was getting ready for work a few weeks ago when Kayleigh came in to see me. “mummy” “Yes Kayleigh” “When I grow up, I’m going to be big like you. I only have a little bum but you have a big bum” then she wandered off to do something else!
  • Whilst she was getting ready for bed last week after bath her daddy had her clothes, he asked if her clothes were for him. Her response? “No daddy your bum is far too big!”
  • She also has a tendency to shout, which is fine, apart from when you take her to public loo’s and she shouts “MUMMY come wipe my bum, I’ve had a POOOOOO!”

Finally the best one of all!

  • I brought a new pair of shoes for work, now I tend to wear flat shoes being 5ft 9 however I brought a pair of court shoes with a small heel. On my first day of wearing them I was getting ready for work in the Kitchen putting my shoe’s on when Kayleigh comes in ready to go, turns to me and tells me “Mummy, I like your shoes, you look like a lady”

Kids, you have to love their innocence 🙂

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