Getting back into a routine

2020 has been a strange old year and we have found getting back into a routine this September harder than any other year.

It was always going to be a tough year anyway with what should have been Kayleigh’s last year in junior school, followed by SAT’s and then starting high school. However, this year had other plans and none of that happened.

After 6 months of a different routine, that involved being able to do school work in PJ’s and not have to get out of the house, this month was going to be tough! It has been a little strange however, we have made it through the month pretty much and now it feels like we were never out of the routine. It is not normal that we are used to, however, it is normal that we have adapted to and we are finding our way through it like everyone else.

I think that after so long off too, the kids are really looking forward to their October half term and will appreciate their time off a little more too. With Ethan now in his final year of school and Kayleigh starting high school, there are having to work harder than ever. This combined with so long of home learning, it was a tough few weeks back at school, to begin with, but they are doing amazing. I’m not sure either of them is keen on the colder mornings and the early wake-ups, but, at least they appreciate the weekend lie-ins!

Over the coming months as Winter really kicks in I suspect there may be a few adjustments to be made as we battle on with the virus doing the rounds, however, I think as a family we have learnt to adapt pretty well to changes and I’m sure the kids will take it in there stride. For me personally after the first few weeks back, I am definitely looking forward to some time off at the end of October!

How have you found the first month back at school?

Getting back into a routine

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