Getting back into learning with NCC Home Learning

I have been in finance for my whole career. After leaving school I picked a course in college and completed that before moving into a suitable job. I never really knew what I wanted to do with my career other than earn enough that I could live comfortably covering my outgoings.

Fast forward 15 years and I’m in a job that keeps a roof over our head and pays the bills. It’s a job that keeps us going but not something I see me doing until I retire that is for sure.

If I’m honest, I want to get away from finance roles completely if I can.

Not an easy task however as it is the only thing I have done since I left school and is also what my qualifications are in.

Though since I have been off work following my operation it is something I have been thinking about. NCC Home Learning have kindly given me the chance to change my career path and get back into a career I will enjoy. I’ll be heading back to the class room (virtually) to study a marketing diploma in the coming weeks.

This is something I have grown to love since I started blogging and is definitely something I can see me doing in the future, so this is the perfect way to learn all about it around my job.

With NCC Home Learning you have the chance to change career or start your career in a course that you will love. There is a wide range of courses available too, so there will be something for everyone to choose from.

My course is an online course, this means all my learning material is available online for me to work from. Some of their courses are paper courses too, this just depends on the course you pick.

I know for some people going back into the classroom can be a daunting prospect and also the costs can be off putting but I think NCC’s option to pay monthly over 6 months is a great option to help you back into learning. Courses can be expensive so this is a great way of breaking it down into a more manageable price.

I will be starting my course in the coming week so make sure you pop by and see how I’ve got on with it and how I’ve found the whole expericence of doing an online course via NCC Home Learning.

I have received a course as part of a review however all thoughts are my own.

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