Getting in the groove with our #FrubeMoves

This half term Frubes are encouraging all little ones to get up, shake their tail feathers and put on their best #FrubeMoves.

There is always some sort of dancing going on in our house, may be not very good but we do like to give it a try! I tried to capture some of Kayleigh and Ethan’s dance moves however lets just say they mainly involve jumping now! Both of them have done street dance classes at school however it is safe to say they take after their parents with 2 left feet!

However don’t fear, I do have this cute video to share with you.

Frubes are a big hit in our house and are always one of our staples in the pack lunches, packed full of vitamin D and calcium to help build strong bones they are a big hit with us too.

This half term if you are looking for something to do why not head over to the Frubes site, as part of their Angry Birds Movie partnership they have a great site where you can egg on either the Angry Birds or mischievous Pigs in a dance off. Also encouraging you to get up as a family and create your own ‘Frubes moves’


This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes


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