Getting help with home DIY with the help of Bidvine

Regular readers of the blog may remember I have been talking about the changes that we will be planning in the next few months for our home.

Now due to budget we will be undertaking a lot of the work ourselves however there is a lot of things we wont be able to do, such as gas or electrical work. For these jobs we are going to be looking to find the right professional to carry out the job to our standard.

This is where Bidvine comes in to help out.

Rather than hunting around on the internet to find the service or trade person you need, you can do it all in one place.


Bidvine’s site asks a few simple questions about your requirements and from there sends your potential job through to the relevant people. They can then reach out to you and discuss this direct without the need for you to even leave the house!

It really is super simple to do and little fuss with it all. The questions save time with dealing with people who may not be suitable for the job you have and you can get on with finding the right people.

What is great about this site too is the fact it’s not just limited to trade’s people in the building game. There is cleaners, music teachers, photographers and so much more. It really is going to be the one stop shop when you are looking for a service or tradesman.

This post is written in collaboration with Bidvine

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