Getting kids active with

Getting kids active with

We are always encouraging the kids to get active and get outside and towards the end of the holiday, they were both sent a gift from to try out. Both of them received their first pair of inline skates.

Now firstly both Daddy Vs Work and I were rather jealous, they look like so much fun and we are sure we would have enjoyed them even more 😀

Anyway back to the kids…

Earlier in the year, we watched a program called Revolution on Sky One which showed talented inline skaters, BMX’rs and skateboarders showing their talents off in a range of tests and races. Both of the kids loved watching it and it gave them ideas on just what you can do if you have a little self-belief and a whole lot of guts!

Getting kids active with

Fast forward to the end of the holidays and they were both in the garden on their skates, we took it slowly though. Firstly they were only allowed out on the astroturf, it is slower for them and kinder for the bums when they fell over. I am going to admit I did have a good giggle at their expense whilst they both looked like Bambi for a while however it didn’t take them long to get going.

Getting kids active with Getting kids active with

These Skatelife Lava Adjustable Inline Skates they received are very well made and have come a long way since I was a kid with skates. Firstly they are adjustable in size by a simple button on the side of the skates which means they will last a lot longer. They come with a lace-up front and ankle strap to ensure that they are secure on their feet and they are ready to go.

Getting kids active with

The kids have absolutely loved these and spent hours on them in the garden, their balance is much improved and they have now been promoted to being allowed on the path outside our house. We are however considering getting knee and elbow pads before one of them does themselves a bit more damage! offer so much more than just inline skates, you can check out their site here which also has some great BMX, boards and clothing perfect for everyone.

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