Getting ready for the summer holidays

Getting ready for the summer holidays

I find summer holidays as a working parent the hardest time of the whole school year. There is nothing I would love to do more than spend them at home with Kayleigh and Ethan however it is not an option.

With only 25 days holiday throughout the whole year we have to rely on family to help out heavily during the school holidays and it is something we are really grateful for as I don’t know what we would do otherwise. Trying to find a job that pays the bills but works around school holidays and school times is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

This summer however I’m looking forward to being off for 2 weeks and getting away for a bit of relaxation just the 4 of us.

I find when we get away we manage to get so much more family time than we do in the weeks building up to it. Our routine goes out of the window, the rules on food and drinks go too. We just relax and go with the flow for those days and it is perfect.

Getting up and sitting in the sunshine in our PJ’s having our breakfast, days spent playing in the sand, evening walks along the sea front.

Just perfect.

I’m not sure why I am struggling with the whole work – life balance this year but I know deep down I need to do something about it, I want to be able to work more around the children, I’m just not sure how I’m going balance that just yet but I’ll figure it out.

Summer Holidays

For now I’m just going to countdown till our time away as a family and the memories we get from there.

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