Getting ready for your holidays with Simply Beach

Getting ready for your holidays with Simply Beach

The summer holidays are well underway and whether you are heading away to a beach or just enjoying some sunshine in the garden you want to make yourself comfortable.

Swimwear is one thing that most of us struggle with, no matter what size or shape we are.

Many of us struggle with accepting our bodies for what they are. They keep us alive daily, for some of us they have given us the amazing gift of children.

We just can’t get past accepting that our bodies are not what they are shown in movies or magazines.

So, the first thing we are going to do this summer is stopped being so hard on ourselves. You look amazing and you are going to enjoy this summer like so many other people!

I have kindly been treated to some new swimwear from Simply Beach that I plan to get out in the garden with the kids and enjoy this weather. It is time to accept that my body is what it is and be very grateful for what it has given me.

Simply Beach has a wide range of swimwear from swimsuits to bikinis, as well as beachwear and beach accessories.

If you are not confident in a bikini, why not treat yourself to a beautiful swimsuit like these:

Getting ready for your holidays with Simply BeachGetting ready for your holidays with Simply Beach

Each one of these has the perfect design to make you feel secure but look great at the same time. There is a lot of choice in colours and patterns too so it may take you some time to pick your favourite. I spent a long time on their site trying to pick my favourite sets and it was a tough choice.

The items that I have picked from Simply Beach are bolder than those I would normally have picked, usually I like to blend in, not stand out. I treated myself to this beautiful Watercult Pastel Perfect Twist Bandeau bikini set and already it has been out with me in the sunshine!

Getting ready for your holidays with Simply Beach

It is the perfect fit with everything being held where it needs to be! One great feature is the removable straps that come with the top which means when I am running around after the kids in the garden I know it’s not going to move.

Simply Beach

If you are still looking for the ideal beachwear items head over to Simply Beach for a great selection.

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