Getting ready for World Book day

With World Book day just round the corner again, lots of parents will be going through the stress of trying to buy/make an outfit.

Now hands up from me straight away, I have brought the kids outfits! I just do not time have to make anything at the moment however if you like to go down the home made route Bright Horzion preschool in Teddington have got a great inforgraphic to help you out.

This is a great way to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune or lots of time on their outfits as some of the classic characters can be made from things you may already have in the house. It also gives you an idea of time and difficulty to recreate these characters at home and as you can see lots of them are quiet straight forward.

Is your little one participating in World Book day in their school this year? If they are what are they going as? Kayleigh is going as Alice in Wonderland and Ethan is going as a Ghostbuster!

This post is in collaboration with Bright Horizons

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