Getting sleep as a parent….

When someone is having their first baby you can’t explain to them the feeling of tiredness they are about to experience.

You can’t even get close to it.

However for health benefits sleep is so important too with lots of research into what affects it may have on your health including diabetes, weight and Alzheimer’s.

If you often sleep for less than four hours a night, you’re 73% more likely to be overweight than someone who sleeps well, researchers at Columbia University in New York have discovered.  Research also found if you sleep for less than six hours a night, you are 25% more likely to be overweight. An Uppsala University study also showed that the less women sleep the more abdominal fat they have – especially those under the age of 50. Too little sleep affects the production of cortisol and growth hormones in a way that contributes to increased fat storage in the abdomen. (August 2012)

The Sleep Council have come up with a series of videos to help you get a better night sleep including this one:

We try to go to bed earlier as we get up at 5am but very rarely does it happen! We always seem to say we’ll just do this one thing then head to bed and tend to do another 10 things before our heads hit the pillow.

So if you are struggling to get a decent nights sleep and it’s not because of the children, why not head over to the Sleep Council’s site for more great video’s and tips of how to get enough hours sleep

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