Goals to aim for in 2018!

Goals to aim for in 2018!

So, 2017 has come to a close and 2018 has begun. I know it is that cliché of setting goals and I’ll be honest I completely forgot I even about this here! Most of which I didn’t even achieve….

During 2017 I learnt a lot about the blog and about me as a person.

I have tried to take time out more often, step away from work and the blog. I have also started to take a more positive approach to life.

Let’s face it, we all get times that we feel down, feel like our life situations are worse than others or just need time to rant. In 2017 though I have tried to find the positives in situations, work out ways round those things that stand in the way.

I use a lot of positive quotes to remind myself, the only person holding you back achieving is yourself. So, I’m hoping that will help me make 2018 even better than this year! It really is just a mind over matter mantra.

Postitive quotes

This year’s goals are split into two categories, personal and work, to give me the chance to focus on different areas. I haven’t put lots on though, as let’s face it there is only so many hours in the day!

Personal goals –

  1. Make Friday night family night again – with so much going on our weekly family night has fallen off the calendar. We don’t do anything special but have a yummy dinner and sit and watch a film or play a game. It is a great way to spend time together as a family away from emails and iPad!
  2. Lose 1 ½ stone – I’ve got lazy recently and taken to convenience food over the last few months. I may be saving time but I’m gaining pounds as well as losing pounds financially! So, it’s back to good old home cooking, less junk and taking care of our bodies!
  3. Take time out – I’m terrible for taking time out, I always sit down and think “if I just finish this I can relax” then I find something else to do! I want to make sure this year I take time away from work. That does not include sitting on Pinterest pinning (that is still work!).
  4. Clear debts – Focusing hard this year on clearing our debts.

Work goals –

  1. Double my monthly stats – I want to get to the end of 2018 doubling my monthly stats. There is lots of ways to do this but I need to focus and plan, not wander through it!
  2. Break the 1 million reaches on Pinterest – At the end of August I spent lots of time focusing on my Pinterest and it paid off. In less than 4 months I had gone from 5k reach to 555k reach (you can read more about this here) but I want to keep pushing and break 1 million!
  3. Increase my income – I work with lots of great brands and I am very fortunate enough to earn some money from my blog however I would like to work on increasing this and building those relationships up with blogs.
  4. Focus more on content and less on reviews – We are very lucky to be part of the Hasbro review team and Bloggers Board Game club which we will keep up however I want to take this blog back to being about us, our recipes and life. This means I have to drop some of the reviews we take on to do so.
  5. Consider writing about Pinterest for the blog – I have learnt so much from my Pinterest journey I would love to share it however I need to build the confidence to believe what I have to say will actually help someone!

None of these goals are unachievable however they will all take some work and focus.

I’m starting this now by planning my content for January, no rushing around and a little bit more focus on the content. I am also planning ideas for future content and post series to run on the blog.

Do you have any goals for 2018? If you struggle to stick to your goals this post by Challenge Clare has some great steps to keep you on track to achieve them.

My goals to aim for in 2018!

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