Goals and plans for 2019

Goals and plans for 2019

Good morning and welcome back to our goals and plans post for 2019.

Now I know lots of people hate resolutions and goals etc however I really like them. If you are realistic with them, what’s stopping you from achieving them? They need to be a push but not unobtainable, otherwise, they are not worth doing.

Our goals are a mixture of ones we should easily achieve to others that will be a bit of a push, but there is no reason.

So, let’s see what we are aiming for this year.

Personal – These are ones for us as a family to achieve:

  1. Eat healthier – Our diet for the last few months of 2018 was terrible, we had gone back to snacking on unhealthy foods and far too many takeaways. Now as a family we are never going to be perfect however I would like us to be 80% healthy foods and 20% treats. We are never going to cut out sweets and snacks but let’s just be a bit wiser with it all.
  2. Drink better – Since the summer I don’t think I’ve drunk more than a pint of water a day, it shows too. My skin is terrible, and I seem to always get a headache which I think is down to my water intake. Everyone needs to increase their water intake in this house! We are also going to give up alcohol, we don’t drink very often so I can’t see this being a problem.
  3. Get active – We need to get moving more this year. Not as a health kick but as a habit, we have got far too lazy.
  4. Give the kids their own space – Currently, we live in a 2 bed however we plan to convert this into a 3 bed this year to give them both their own space. They are best buddies though, so this may be a bit of a change for them to get used to.
  5. Family time – We are always so busy, and things keep coming that stop us from spending time together as much as we like. This year, I would like it to be a bit less, in a minute and more, let’s play!
  6. Save and pay off debts – This one is a bit of a combination, I want to tackle the last of our debts and save as much money as possible. So, there will be limited spending and more saving from us this year!
  7. Tattoos – Daddy Vs Work wants to get some new tattoos done once he is happy with his body!

Work – These goals are for the blog and other work sources for me to achieve:

  1. Raise my stats – I know I put this in last year and never achieved it, but it is another year and another start.
  2. Reach 5 million monthly reaches on Pinterest – I was so close last year and now it has dropped off quite a bit, but I want to get back on this over the next few months and push on with this.
  3. Double my income – Ignoring my salary from my full-time job, I would like to increase my income this year by double last year! There are several approaches to do this and over the coming weeks, I will be planning my method of attack.
  4. Start streaming – Ok this one is a new one for me and probably my scariest goal. I’m a gamer and always have been however this is a whole new ball game. I will be streaming over on Twitch and would love it if you could head over here and give me a follow. The thing I’m most worried about for this is being live on the internet! I hate my own voice and am always behind the camera, so this will be a real challenge to overcome this year however it should be fun!

So here are our goals and plans for 2019.

We may smash them all, however, we may only complete a few. Either way, it gives us something to aim for this year and we can’t wait to get started! Do you have any goals set for this year?

Our goals and plans for 2019

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