Going from a nursery to a little persons room!

This time 5 years ago we were in the midst of decorating our spare room and creating a nursery , ready for our first bundle of joy.

When you find out your going to have a baby you go through a whole range of emotions but most importantly you want everything to be perfect. You want the perfect birth, the perfect start in life and the perfect nursery full of beautiful furniture and decoration. However most of us have to do this on a budget and it can be done, click here for some great value cots from Argos plus plenty of other nursery equipment.


We spent a lot of time and money on our nursery and my pregnancy hormones meant that I was very particular in what was done! I was however very happy with our results.


Fast forward 5 years and now I have a 3-year-old and soon to be 5-year-old sharing that same room!

We are planning on getting an extension done in the next few years and already in my mind I’m going through what I imagine the kids are going to want to have in their room.

Kayleigh loves purple, she will tell everyone it is her favourite colour. If she has a chance to have something purple she will get it.

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So I imagine her room will be full of purple bits and pieces. Kayleigh is very particular on her style already so god knows what she’ll be like in a few years!

Both rooms are going to be a bit tight on space for too much furniture so I have been thinking of going down the lines of the high sleeps with the desks underneath to allow them so private space to do their homework without each other putting them off.

Ethan is already really into his football, he loves playing it and watching it so I think for his room I’m going to go down the theme of football, keeping the walls simple so the accessories can be changed easily if he changes his mind.

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