Good Morning: How To Start The Day Off Right

Are you a morning person? If you’re like the one of the many people who begin to curse the world the second their alarm goes off, then the answer will be an unequivocal “no.” But let’s rethink this. Just because you’re not in love with mornings right now, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to hate them forever. You just need to know how to start the day off in the right way. Take our tips below, and you might just find that mornings are quickly becoming your favourite part of the day…maybe.


Get To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

You can’t have everything in life. If you’re going to stay up until late in the night watching videos, browsing the internet, or playing video games, then it’s normal that you’re going to feel less than enthusiastic about life when you wake up in the morning. If you want to start the day off right – and you should; there are advantages to being a morning person – then you’ll need to get to bed at an appropriate, consistent hour. A good night’s sleep is key for jumping up in the morning with energy!

Rise Early

Now, we’re not going to lie to you: sleeping, or just lying in bed, is pretty enjoyable. But there’s also a chance that it’s overrated. You only get one life in this world; who wants to spend it under the covers? Save those lazy mornings for Saturday mornings. Every other day, make sure you’re rising early. It’s not hard as you think. Keep your alarm clock just out of reach, so you have to get out of bed to switch it off, and turn the light on as soon as you wake up. If you normally get up at 7:30, but switch to 6, you’ll have gained 1.5 hours in your day!

Leave the Tech Behind

There’s a lot of people out there who grab their phone as a matter of routine when they wake up. It’s just a force of habit, but, as well all know, habits can be dangerous. If you’re going to rise early, don’t waste that time by scrolling through Facebook or whatever; enjoy the moment of calm that only the morning can bring. Your mind needs to be woken up slowly. Save all the flashing and buzzing of the screen until you’re switched on and with it.

Think About Exercising

And don’t just think about exercising: actually do it! Well, if you have the time, that is. Most people know that they should be exercising in some form, but they don’t know that exercising in the morning can have multiple benefits. Do you usually get to work still feeling pretty tired? Are you always in need of a coffee just to stay alert? If you go for a run in the morning, you can say goodbye to those complaints. You’ll be giving yourself a burst of energy that’ll last through the whole day, and you’ll be getting fit at the same time, too.

Stretch It Out

If you can’t go for a run (and not everyone can; they can’t leave the kids alone, it’s raining, etc.), then at the very least you should be engaging in a strenuous stretching regime. Your muscles have been lying dormant for the whole night, and probably will be for the whole day, too, if you work in an office. You can bring your body to life by joining in with one of the YouTube stretching channels. A full body routine can take between 5 – 10 minutes and will feel like you’ve just given yourself a quick burst of energy.

Kitchen Spaces

You don’t want to sit yourself down on the couch and turn on the TV in the morning. If you do, you’ll be liable to fall back asleep! Instead, you want to position in a place that allows you to slowly come to life, be with your thoughts, and manage some practical concerns too, such as eating breakfast and making a cup of tea. If you have an open plan kitchen, then you’ll have the perfect place to sit and be at ease, with just you and your thoughts…until the kids get up and bring the noise, that is.


Invest in Your Bathroom

If you’ve been working out in the morning – or even if you haven’t, for that matter –  then you’ll want a space that allows you to refresh, clean, and get ready for the day to come. If you have a cluttered, grimy bathroom, then the good energy you’ve brought during the morning will quickly become undone. As such, take extra steps to make your bathroom an enjoyable place to be. Invest in a modern shower kit, like those available from Drench. Keep things organised in a minimalist style, so your bathroom isn’t overly cluttered. And also keep things nice and tidy; nothing makes a bathroom a less enjoyable place to be than dust and dirt compromising the cleanliness.

Slow Down Getting Ready

If you’ve woken up early enough, then you’ll have time on your side. Once you’ve stepped out of your luxury shower, you won’t have to rush through getting ready for work. If you still have an hour before you need to leave the house, then you can slowly prepare yourself the day to come, and still have time to spare!

Wake the Mind Up

And what will you do with that time? A good idea is to wake your mind up. Read the newspaper, or complete a crossword, or read a few pages of your book, and you’ll have an alert mind ready to hit the ground running when you reach the office.

A Moment Of Positivity

And finally, don’t forget the positivity! Your state of mind at the beginning of the day will influence the rest of your day, so make sure it’s one that’s conducive to making good things happen. Spend a moment or two being grateful for all you have, and good vibes will flow.

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