Greedy or needy?!

So it’s that time of the year where people are running round like headless chickens making sure they are stocked up with presents for everyone and every type of food imaginable because lets face it were going to end up starving when we run out of things to eat over the ONE day the shop is shut on Christmas day.  Then comes the next best thing…. the boxing day sales!

Now this little rant started this morning when I popped to Asda’s to stock up on some basics whilst we wait for our shopping to be delivered at the weekend and I came across aisle upon aisle of christmas chocolates and food that are all now half priced. I have never seen so much junk food under one roof which they were clearly trying to get rid of it quickly to get the shelf space back. Plus I had never seen the car park so empty especially as the day before Christmas Eve you couldn’t get a space for love nor money.

Then there is the stores that open at 6am (store workers you have my sympathy!) on boxing day to sell everything people brought for gifts for the day before now at half price and this brings me onto my biggest rant!

Those that want to grab a bargain i wish you luck but I will never be returning to those sales after my last trip to one of the big sales. I wasn’t after anything in particular just a nosey to see if anything took my fancy, then I came across possibly a scene I had never seen before and one I never want to see again. Women had taken their children shopping (this was 7am by this point) and were grabbing whole rails of clothes in every size colour etc that they could and were throwing them in their clear shopping baskets only for them to dump them on the floor and place their children on top whilst starting on to the next rail to repeat the process. Then they proceeded to sit in the middle of the floor going through their loot throwing what they didn’t want on the floor before continuing around the store to do it again, leaving the poor shop assistants clearing up their trail of destruction. It was a bit like a vulture working on its prey!

If you desperately are after something then fine queue up to get it or if you need some new clothes but can’t afford to spend much money then its great but people who grab bundles of stuff just to make sure no one else can get any of it just in case they get the size or colour you wanted are just being greedy.

And on that note I end the rant for me to return to vegetate in my house with my family around me waiting for the frenzy to end and humanity to regain a bit of normality before venturing to the shops at the weekend 🙂


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