Grommets at last!

So 18 months after the initial diagnostics of glue ear, about 7 hearing tests and various other appointments we have finally got the go ahead for Kayleigh to have Grommets fitted.

It’s a relief if I’m honest. The amount of times we’ve gone back and forth and her hearing has only slightly improved then to deteriorate not long after.

I do worry about the whole operation but I know it is going to make such a difference to her life. She has been struggling for so long with her limited hearing that I have been worrying about her at school in what she is trying to learn as so much that is taught as part of a class needs her to be able to hear.

I think at times she also gets frustrated.

Its hard not being able to hear what’s going on around you properly, I know.

This is going to be a whole new world for Kayleigh and I know she is going to adapt to it really well. She will be able to enjoy just talking to people without always having to say “pardon” and be able to hear what’s going on around her even if it is really noisy.

All we have to do now is just wait for our pre-op appointment.

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