Growing our first ever sunflowers!

We were recently invited to take part in a sunflowers growing competition.

Its something we’ve never done so I couldn’t wait to give it a try with Kayleigh and Ethan

The task was simple.

We received a little package containing pots, garden tools that would be required and sunflower seeds ready for us to get started. Our back garden unfortunately is mainly chalk so we purchased a bag of soil and set to planting up our sunflowers.

Kayleigh and  Ethan (with the help of Mummy & Daddy) set to work getting the seeds potted ready for growing and they did a really good job.

Sunflower Sunfower Sunflowers

Now all we can do is sit and wait & hope!

The winner of the competition will be those who’s sunflower grows the tallest! I’m keeping everything crossed that ours just grow and we’re in luck as 2 have started to sprout already.

Kayleigh and Ethan check on them daily and we had squeals when the first one sprouted, they may not be the tallest but they most certainly will be the most watched.


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