Paediatric first aid training for the workplace

There are many different types of jobs and workplaces and depending on the type of job there are also many different types of injuries and illnesses that can occur at work, such as those covered by Express Solicitors. For this reason the First Aid at Work courses offered by providers such as the St John Ambulance service and the Red Cross cover a wide range of different requirements. One of the First Aid at Work courses and qualifications which is commonly offered is that of Paediatric first aid training – a course designed primarily for those working in situations involving young children.

This type of course can be taken by anyone who feels it would be useful to them in their work, but it should be considered mandatory for anyone working in a field which will bring them into regular contact with children below the age of eight – such as nursery and primary school teachers, playgroup supervisors and nannies. This particular type of First Aid at Work qualification is often a requirement for those pursuing further education courses involving childcare – such as the NVQ in Childcare and Education.

The typical length of a Paediatric first aid training course varies depending on the provider, with the Red Cross course running for approximately sixteen hours, while the one offered by St John Ambulance service is a twelve hour course – although virtually all courses of this type are two days in duration. The course covers many of the procedures covered by other types of First Aid at Work courses, including looking after first aid equipment and treating unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, seizures and burns. However this type of course also deals with conditions specifically related to young children – such as measles, meningitis and other illnesses common to children, as well as injuries such as bites, stings or accidental poisonings more likely to occur to young children. Like other forms of First Aid at Work qualifications the paediatrics qualification is valid for three years, after which it is necessary to do a refresher course.

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