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This household has 2 fussy eaters (no I don’t mean Daddy Vs Work & I!) and it does drive me made! They are happy to eat their fruit however getting them to eat vegetables is near on impossible and don’t even get me started on trying new meals…

However the one thing I can get them to eat is their packed lunch. I’m sure both schools they attend have amazing lunches on offer however as they are both so fussy it seems the best option for them is a packed lunch as we will know just what they are getting and how much they have actually eaten.

Our lunch boxes follow a simple plan:

  • Sandwich/wrap or roll – These tend to have cheese or ham in however it depends on what we have in.
  • Yoghurt – Always in the lunch box and a great source of calcium
  • Cheese – Again another great source of calcium
  • Snack – We always seem to stick to a pepperoni as the kids love the variety however little sausages would work just as well.
  • Fruit – Thankfully even though the kids are fussy eaters they will both eat pretty much any fruit
  • Fruit Juice – Both Kayleigh and Ethan always have a juice drink at lunch. Again its a great way to make sure they are getting their 5-a-day and Tropicana have now brought out their little bottles which are just perfect for lunches.

As you can see we pack a lot of their 5-a-day into their lunch time meal to just try and make sure they are getting all the goodness. If however you have a fussy eater and are struggling to get them to eat what they should (or you for that matter). Here is a few simple steps to make it a little easier or more fun :

    1. Make fruit & vegetables fun – There is lots of ways to make food fun and appealing to little ones and I have found that Pinterest and blogs are a great source of inspiration. I love Eats Amazing blog as they have so many suggestions and great ideas to make packed lunches fun.
    2. Get the kids involved – After hearing “I don’t like that” so many times I’ve started to get Kayleigh and Ethan involved in our meals and helping make them. This gives them a sense of responsibility and achievement when we serve up lunch or dinner.
    3. Try and get your 5-a-day from a variety ways – Getting your 5-a-day doesn’t have to come just from your a piece of fruit or steamed veg. Mix it up a little, why not try out things like the Tropicana little bottles (each bottle contains 1 of your 5 a day!) or blend in some vegetables when you make your next pasta sauce.

If you have any more inspiring ways to get people eating more fruit and vegetables makes sure you pop them in the comments for our readers to see and share 🙂

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