He’s Escaped!

Ethan is a proper little boy, one that loves a bit of rough and tumble. If he falls over he brushes himself off and goes again.

So I’m going to share our funny little story from the other day, its kind of one of those you have to be there to find it funny but it still makes me giggle now!

Imagine a 20 month old in one of those all in one pj things (blue with a space ship if you want to really imagine it!) plus his Thomas slippers on over the top.

Now I’ll set the scene, we live in a bungalow with the garden wrapping down the side and back of the house. The front door is on the side at the beginning of the garden (we have a gate we lock to keep the garden secure) and the bedrooms are at the back of the house.

The phone rings so I take the call to the kids room at the back of the house for some peace and quiet leaving Kayleigh and Ethan in the living room with their dad. I can still see them & hear them playing.

So i carry on my conversation on the phone looking into the garden from their bedroom window, when I can hear this patting sound like the dogs running round on the patio. The next minute this little boy flies round the corner into view … Only Ethan who has escaped out the front door into the garden in his pj’s and slippers! So he trots back round the corner towards the door and I call my other half to go grab his son who’s doing a runner. As he gets to the door and call’s Ethan, he decides to leg it again giggling in the opposite direction!

Lesson learnt from this?

  • If Ethan is quiet, it usually means he’s either asleep or up to trouble
  • If you think he can’t reach something he can!
  • Ethan can open the front door, nothing is safe now!
  • He’s cheeky!

Cheeky but I love him 🙂

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