Hi Ho Hi Ho… its back to work I go!

So I have now been redundant for 3 weeks and already I am heading back into the work place. This is the longest I have been unemployed since I was 16 so it has taken a while to get my head around our new routine and just as I do I land a job.

As much as I have loved being at home with the kids financially I need to work to help keep the household running.

I have been looking for roles for the last 3 weeks and have had 2 interviews with 2 job offers, so I couldn’t have been that bad!

In the end I have taken the temporary role simply as it is on our doorstep and the hours work out better for us. It might only be a 1 month contract or it can be longer depending on what happens.

I’ve seen contractors come in with my last role however I’ve never been a temp staff.

It makes me nervous, I don’t know what to expect. After being at my last place for almost 8 years I knew lots of people, I knew were things were and I knew who to ask if I needed to find something out.

Hopefully it will all work out well but I just keep reminding myself it is only for a little while and you never know what might come from it.

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