Hitting the reset button on my health

Over the last few months, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather.

However, we had just spent 4 months renovating our house, work is manic and it was Christmas so I had been eating so much junk, I put it down to those things all combined. Fast-forwarding into the new year, I still am not feeling 100%.

I have been having issues with my stomach and bowel for a while, off the back of the junk food over Christmas I just assumed I had an intolerance flair up (I had a test with York Test many years ago). It just wasn’t clearing though, if anything over the last few weeks things has started to get worse.  With my health now taking a bit more of a front seat, I took myself off to the doctors for the first time in a while.

I’ll be honest, I thought it would just be dismissed as being a busy mum that was a little run down. After all, since Christmas I’ve had the flu bug doing the round, an eye infection and a stye, it has just not been the best start for me.

The doctor’s appointment was quite helpful, after a full check-up with blood tests and samples, the good news is they don’t believe there is anything sinister lurking, there is a few more test ongoing but they are precautionary. I’m highly likely to be suffering from IBS, which I am going to try and manage with a change in lifestyle and diet. Yesterday I booked myself a new York Test, which will show me not only the foods that I am intolerant to but also which foods are triggering the IBS.

To be fair, I think the biggest problem in my health is me. I just hit a self destruct button, I knew what would be coming as the weight has been creeping on and my intolerance symptoms had been lingering around. Before they told me I couldn’t eat certain foods, I’ve been eating anything and everything I could find. There was no need for it, no defence for it. Just the reality that I have not helped my health out at all.

If you are based in America and are a little concerned with your health or just looking to give your health a check over then Health Labs. They have a number of tests including the vegan panel which gives an indication of what meats or animal products are causing irritation, there is also the option for vegans to test they are getting all the right nutrients. They also have another test called the nutritional panel test which tests the nutrients in your body and will indicate if you are lacking any. For me, getting results from tests like these are the perfect way to kick start your health. After all, once you know what you need to change it is easier to do get started.

They are offering my readers the chance to get 15% off tests when you use this link, just click through now and the discount will be applied at the basket.

Over the coming months, I will be sharing what I get up to in restarting my health. I’m not going to pretend it is going to be an easy journey, I don’t stick to diets or exercise plans very easily. In fact, I find if I stop myself from having some food that I really want, I rebel a little and have far more than I would have had if I just had it in the first place. It is going to be baby steps, I have to start somewhere and the beginning seems like a good place to start!

Hitting the reset button on my health

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