How can anybody stoop so low?

You may remember a few weeks ago me talking about Kayleigh’s pre-school and the fact they were fundraising at the Christmas production with a raffle to raise some much-needed funds for equipment and a new washer dryer. Well on the way to drop Kayleigh at pre-school on Thursday I found out they had been broken into on Wednesday night/Thursday morning with the thieving scumbag stealing a sum of cash (fee’s paid in that week plus the raffle money raised so far) and a new laptop that had just been donated to the pre-school.

I mean how low do you have to be to go round stealing anyway but to deliberately target a pre-school is just so wrong!

I was fuming when I got back to work on Thursday, all I could think of was the money that all the parents and staff had worked so hard was gone in a flash and that person was probably sitting smug at home on the laptop deciding what to spend the cash on.

One thing is for sure I hope that karma comes round and bites them on the arse and hard!

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