How do you choose the right high school?

How do you choose the right high school?

In the next week or so we are expected to pick a high school for Kayleigh to attend. With her infant and junior school, I found the decision pretty simple. In fact, she went to our local schools without us really looking around.

This time, however,  it does feel a huge decision.

When I was growing up, you pretty much went to the local school, some drove across town but most just went to the one that is local. Now that is not the case, lots of schools around Luton have a waiting list and some have plenty of spaces. It comes down to OFSTED and their previous GCSE results.

How do you choose the right high school?

We have visited a couple of schools and found our decisions switching between the two. The first one we visited has good GCSE results and OFSTED. It is part of a well-known trust in the town and about to undergo a huge overhaul in the next few months, with millions being spent on the school. It is the up and coming school in the area, Downsides are we would need to drive or get public transport to get Kayleigh to school and on our visit she was quite reserved in what she did.

The second school we visited is in walking distance to our house. Whilst we were there Kayleigh took part in all the activates and spent time talking to both the teachers and the pupils. The huge downside to this school, however, is its reputation. It is not as good as it used to be, the headteacher has recently changed and their GCSE results are not as good as the other school.

Now we are a little torn at which way should we go, my head tells me the first one as it has it all there, however, my heart says to go with your gut, I know she will be more settled in the 2nd school and she can get to school in less than 15 minutes regardless of the traffic.

I know the school choice is just part of her future, she will learn and grow so much regardless of where she goes. When I grew up. I went to one of the worse schools in Luton, however, I did ok. I got enough qualifications to do anything I wanted to do. This is why I believe it is down to the child and their support that helps them achieve, the school is just another branch in that journey.

For now, we have a few more days before we have to make our decision, however, we do need to make it soon and it will still be a tough one then!

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