How much life has changed..

I often sit and think about how much my life has changed since having children and the answer is simply, A LOT!

Nobody prepares you for life with 2 children or even 1 child. You hear all the tips of making sure you get plenty of rest when your baby rests etc etc but if you was like me i never did. I had housework that had to be done, bills & shopping to be sorted.

OK I don’t get a lie in anymore, if i feel ill i cant just call in sick and lie in bed all day, i dont have a solid 8 hours sleep anymore, i can’t wake up and laze around eating when i like but it is all worth it!

When i get a big cuddle and kiss from both of mine it makes the stresses of the day seem worthless or being told i love you mummy makes anything seem irrelevant. Just seeing their smiles makes everything you give up as a parent worth it.

There is no job more satisfying than that of being a parent.

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