How to Be More Energy Efficient at Work

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In a changing world, the focus on climate change and how we can become more energy efficient as a human race is paramount. An obvious way to be better to the environment is to become more conscious of how we dispose of our household waste, as well as being more aware of the electricity and other types of energy we use within the home. Another way to help the environment is to make some changing in our place of work. In doing so, there is also an opportunity to help employers save on their overall expenditures, giving them more money to dedicate to staff salaries, training, equipment and other valuable investments.

Many of us are guilty of switching off our monitors at the end of the day, without actually shutting down the computer. The same goes for other electrical devices like the printer and sometimes even the lights. Not only is this bad for the environment and a waste of energy, it also boosts the utility bills unnecessary. With that in mind, one simple and effective way to be more energy efficient at work is to remember switch off all electrical equipment at the end of each day. It wouldn’t hurt to also remind you colleagues to do the same.

It’s also important to try and make better use of natural light rather than artificial light. You could ask your manager if you can move or adjust your workstation so that it is closer to a window, so that you can see better without using the electricity. This will also be better for you from a health perspective, as artificial overhead lights can often cause eye strain and headaches.

When it comes to printing, it’s worth considering whether or not you actually need to print the document in question or if it can just be sent via email. When printing multiple copies of a particular document, be sure to do a practise copy first and check it’s perfect. This will prevent you from making any spelling errors or other mistakes, printing hundreds of copies and then having to print them all again after you have spotted the error.

Another option regarding printing, which relates to the office as a whole rather than you as an individual, is to invest in a managed print solution. Far too much ink and paper is wasted in working environments due to ineffective use, which is something that a managed print service can alter. Essentially, they assess the use of the printer across the different departments within a company to determine print habits. What’s more, they can successfully predict when new ink and paper will need to be ordered, so that it isn’t ordered too late.

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