How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

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Numerous studies have revealed that the more engaged a parent is with their child’s education, the more likely the child is to be successful in school. There are several explanations as to why this could be the case. For example, a child who realises that their parents worry about how well they do in school might try harder as a way to make a good impression and receive approval. In addition, a child who is given help with their schoolwork beyond the classroom will find it easier to conquer any obstacles they are faced with. No matter what the reason, it is crucial for parents to recognise this research and help their children to the best of their abilities. I have teamed up with a private school in London to offer you the following advice.

The easiest way to become more involved in your child’s learning journey and demonstrate your support is to ensure you are available when they are doing their homework. If they are finding the homework challenging, it will help them to know that they can ask you for some help rather than struggling through and potentially giving up in frustration. While you should refrain from answering the homework question on your child’s behalf, you will be able to help them find the answer by talking them through the problem or doing some research together. If you work long hours or have other commitments and therefore cannot be present during homework sessions, try and help them in other ways. For instance, make sure they have a comfortable desk space set up with all the necessary supplies and study guides. You may even want to consider hiring a private tutor to help your child with their studies.

Of course, appearing at parents’ evening is a given but it’s also a good idea to attend other school events if you can, such as sporting or music events, or the school play. It would be wise to try and form a relationship with your child’s teachers and arrange to have frequent catchups with them so that you can monitor your child’s progress.  You may be able to identify areas that your child could use some extra support on and come up with a mutual agreement on what both parties are going to do about it. This type of input will demonstrate to your child how dedicate you are in their academic journey.

As a parent, you should always focus on trying to be a good role model within your home and demonstrate a positive, enthusiastic approach to school and learning. Providing your child with an optimistic environment to grow up in will go a long way in helping them with their confidence where learning is concerned. If you require any additional advice on how to get involved with your child’s learning, be sure to get in touch with the school and request a copy of the curriculum so that you have a better understanding of the subjects you could potentially delve into within the home.

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