How to brighten up your outdoor space without blowing the budget

How to brighten up your outdoor space without blowing the budget

With summer just around the corner (honestly it really is!) most of us are turning our thoughts to our plans for DIY both indoors and out.

For me this year, one thing I would like to do (among others!) is start to tidy up our garden. In the long run I know there is lots to be done however starting small and seeing the little changes will make it feel like we are taking steps, even if it is just baby steps.

You can’t beat being able to sit in the garden, with the sun shining and family sat around the table enjoying lunch together.

So how can you brighten up the space if you budget is tight?

Firstly, look around and see what you can re-use in your garden. For example, if your wooden picnic bench is looking a bit tatty, it might not need replacing. Why not look at sanding it down and brighten it up with a new varnish or paint.

If you are looking to bring some colour to your garden, why not think about planting up some grow your own produce. This way you can save a little on your food bill but bring the colour still to your garden. You don’t need a huge amount of space either, with lots of fruit and veg being able to grow in pots.

Lastly and most importantly don’t forget to shop around. As summer approaches there are some great deals to be found online, with Groupon having some great bargains on their great patio and garden furniture bargains.

With items such as plants to furniture and kids outdoor toys there is a huge range to pick from and the chance to grab them at a great price too.

As with many things, renovations and updating your home takes time (not to mention money). So although you would like to get it done in one go, make sure you are not blowing the budget by spending at the wrong time. With lots of great offers available throughout the year it may just take a little time to get the right one.

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