How to ensure your child’s health is the best it can be

How to ensure your child’s health is the best it can be

Children are robust, not sure about your little ones but mine seem to bounce back pretty quick however their health is always my top priority.

Ever since they were little I have become a worrier when it comes to Kayleigh and Ethan, always fussing to check they are ok. When they get poorly I always worry about how poorly they are and what the worst case could be.

It isn’t a great way to be and I am trying a lot harder now to make sure I’m not that over fussy parent!

One thing I have been doing lately is making sure their health is in the best condition it can be. The last thing I want is another trip to A & E like we had when Kayleigh was younger. The whole weekend was very stressful and not helped by the treatment we see, I’m pretty sure now that it would be treated as medical negligence the treatment we received.

So, what can you do to make sure they stay as healthy as possible?

Firstly, I am making sure both of mine are drinking plenty of water, in fact the whole household! With the warmer weather here, we are not getting anywhere near enough water.

It is a great way to stay hydrated, look after your skin and so many other great benefits. I find it surprisingly easy to get mine to drink water which I am thankful for!

How to ensure your child’s health is the best it can be

Increasing their fruit and veg count is a great way to get their vitamins and minerals up to help build a healthy immune system. I know kids can be fussy however if there are particular things they enjoy let them eat those and build their lesser favourites into the diet as you go along. I’m always of the opinion something is better than nothing!

Get them in the great outdoors! I’m not against screen time or being inside however there is something that has to be said for being outdoors. Getting fresh air and running around does wonders for everyone.

Let children be children, let them run around, climb trees and explore. Not only will they love being outside, hopefully it will help them sleep easier!

How to ensure your child’s health is the best it can be

Then that leads me on to my last tip.

Try and make sure they get a good night’s sleep. It can be hard when they refuse to sleep however my two are always so much happier & healthier when their sleep patterns are in a good place.

How do you try and keep your kids healthy?

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