How to Handle Work When You’re Expecting

Expecting a new baby is always exciting, regardless whether it is your first or you’re fourth! Handling your pregnancy while you are working, however, will always be a challenge. Not only do you have to focus on your health and prepare your finances, your home, and your life to welcome your new baby, but you also have to deal with work, deadlines, and stress. Extreme and chronic stress can be extremely dangerous to you and to your baby, which is why you should follow these tips to help you handle work when you’re expecting.

Know Your Schedule

We know so much about the development of our babies that we can narrow it down on a week-to-week basis. It means that knowing when you are due can help you not only stay on track with your health check-ups, but it can also help you understand and prepare for all the side effects of pregnancy as they develop. Calculate your due date, and you will be able to predict how you will feel in the coming months. The more you know, the more you can prepare. This means having a bin near you during the period of time morning sickness is common, to having a fan when the heat flashes start, and so on.

You can also use your calculated due date to work out when you should start birth classes, host your baby shower, and so on. Knowing the timeline is important!

Letting Your Boss and Co-workers Know

You have to let your employer know about your pregnancy in advance so that they can prepare the necessary leave you are owed as well as finding someone to replace you during your leave temporarily. Letting your employer and your co-workers know is also important to help them understand what you are going through and help you out.

Being More Productive and Less Stressed

The dream of any job is to work for less time and with less effort. When you are productive, you can achieve this, because you can not only get your job done promptly, but you typically produce better results as well. The first step to achieving this productivity is the same as the first step you take when (and even before) you become pregnant – being healthy. From there you can boost your productivity by working on one task for 90 minutes and taking a snack break to refuel. Return and do another task for another 90 minutes, and so on. You don’t want to burn yourself out doing one thing, and by using these cycle, you can be productive in everything you need to get done.

Working when you’re expecting can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Knowing how your body is changing as it is changing, and working in a better, more productive way can help you manage work-related stress and keep you glowing. The last thing you want is for a complication or a miscarriage because you aren’t prioritizing your wellness. Find a balance for your baby, and you’ll manage to be both a career woman and an expecting mother!

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