How to Have the Proper Vacation with your Family

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To get from the vacation to enjoy, not stress, to spend it right: to go into “digital detox” mode, not to chase sightseeing from the guide, to allow yourself leisurely reading a book. For a vacation to really allow you to relax, it is worthwhile to change your usual activities for a while. Being able to switch it up always brings a fresh experience.


If you don’t want to waste precious vacation minutes, spend an evening the night before your trip to book e-tickets to museums and tours so that you don’t lose time in lines later. Spontaneity in travel only seems appealing. Plan no more than one cultural outing a day. Immerse yourself at the moment rather than chasing impressions – it’s very tiring.

If it is a trip by car, it is best to think in advance when, on which roads, and through which cities you will go. Study the direction, see what sites you meet along the way, and where you can stop if necessary. When planning the route, also take into account the needs of children. Try to choose good routes, which provide a place to rest comfortably and have something to eat. If you have time and money, you can plan to stop in intermediate cities with water parks or amusement parks.

If you do not have your own car, it does not mean that you should give up on such trips. Today you can easily rent any car you like. A rental car is especially convenient when traveling in another country. It saves you from the peculiarities of public transport and makes your journey especially comfortable. For a family trip, a minivan or SUV would be perfect. But if you want to surprise the family, and especially the kids, supercars rent would be a great option. Then this trip for your kids will be unforgettable.

Active recreation

Today’s children and their parents often lack physical activity – a busy schedule of school and work leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Sports and physical activity – a great opportunity to rest the body and mind. If your vacation fell during the winter months, many winter activities allow you to combine business with pleasure: go skating, go to the woods on cross-country skiing, go for a walk in the park and play snowballs. In summer it could be a family outing on bikes, surfing, and various sports games.


Don’t forget to set yourself not only cultural points but also gastronomic ones. Getting to know another region or country can and should be known through the cuisine. So at the same time, you’ll gain new impressions and have a good rest.

How not to get tired of a “vacation”

Do not try to “work a little bit” on vacation. If on vacation you go back to your daily work, it is unlikely to get a rest. The best thing to do the night before your vacation is to set up an automatic reply in your mail. Include contacts of colleagues that clients and partners can contact in your absence. If you’re not ready to lock your cell phone in the hotel safe, at least turn-off notifications in the mail, social networks, and messengers. That way it’s easier to forget about them, at least for a while.


For a proper vacation, the most important thing is a change of normal activities. The brain is perfectly switched if one reads a book, and gets to know new people, another country or culture. Travel disrupts the normal path from home to work and back. A vacationer should be surrounded by a new environment, then he or she will have new experiences

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