How to Maintain Engineered Wood Herringbone Flooring

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Thinking of adding parquet engineered wood flooring to the home? With its luxurious looks and excellent durability, parquet flooring has become massively popular with homeowners. The question is, how easy is it to maintain?

Well, you might find it surprising to learn that engineered parquet is actually quite simple to maintain. The surface is typically treated with lacquer or oil and thanks to its layered construction, it deals with moisture much better than solid wood. This provides excellent protection against spills.

Want to know how to maintain your parquet floor safely but effectively? Here, UK flooring company Stories Flooring, shares some expert tips on how to keep those parquet engineered wood floors clean…

Clean the parquet floor frequently

It’s true that parquet engineered wood flooring takes a little more maintenance than laminate or LVT. However, with frequent cleaning you can keep the maintenance to a minimum. You might just be surprised how easy it is to keep parquet floors clean without damaging them.

Each day, our floors are exposed to dirt, dust, pet hair, and outdoor particles – yuck! Without daily cleaning, dirt and grime can start to build up. You can use a soft brush to sweep the floor to control dust and debris. A dry mop can also help to prevent dirt build-up each week.

How to Maintain Engineered Wood Herringbone Flooring

Hoover with caution

You can hoover a parquet engineered wood floor, rather than giving it a sweep. However, if you want to avoid damaging the floor, there are a few tips to follow. Firstly, choose a hoover that comes with rubber, not plastic wheels. The rubber is much gentler on the floor, reducing the risk of scratches.

You’ll also want to make sure you have it on the right setting. Newer hoovers come with a hardwood setting, perfect for an engineered wood floor. Above all else, avoid using a rotating brush bar over the floor as this will undoubtedly lead to damage.

Only use specialist products

If you want to give your parquet engineered wood floor a more thorough clean, avoid standard chemical cleaners. These will damage the surface, causing the floor to warp or become discoloured. Instead, you should make sure you only use specialist cleaners.

You will find a great range of engineered wood cleaners to choose from. Simply follow the directions provided to ensure you are cleaning the floor safely.

Avoid exposing the floor to too much sunlight

Did you know parquet engineered wood floors can fade when exposed to direct sunlight? Engineered wood tends to change colour over time anyway. However, if it is exposed to high levels of natural sunlight, it’s going to fade at a faster rate.

If the floor is exposed to high levels of sunlight, placing a rug in the affected area will help to minimise fading. You can also keep the curtains or blinds closed on bright sunny days.

Don’t get them wet

One of the advantages of engineered wood floors is that they are more resistant against changes in moisture and temperature compared to solid wood. However, there is a big difference between water resistance and waterproof flooring.

It isn’t advised to install parquet engineered wood flooring in high-moisture areas. You should also avoid leaving any standing water on the surface by cleaning up any spills quickly.

If you follow these tips, your parquet engineered wood floor will look and perform as good as new for years to come. Looking for the perfect parquet floor to transform your living space? Browse one of the largest collections at Stories Flooring today.