How to make the most of your family holidays

How to make the most of your family holidays

The summer holidays have started and for many of you there are adventures to be had both at home and abroad, we even know some that are lucky enough to be heading off on holidays to Gran Canaria this year.

If you are heading away with your family, I know it can be a stressful time. As much as getting away for a break can help give you some much-needed rest and relaxation.

But just getting away can be very stressful!

I am the worlds worst traveller I think! I check multiple times what is in my cases, do we have everything and then check they are all locked up and secured before we even leave the house.

Then once we are at the airport I have to check multiple times that the passports I know are in my bag are still in my bag…

Once we are in the air though I go into full holiday mode and we start to plan our adventures we are having when we get away.

How to make the most of your family holidays

We always try and do a day trip or two whilst we are away, something that as a family we can remember. These have been things like our Submarine Safari trip or the Rancho Texas trips that we have done on our visits to Lanzarote. The kids love to do something different and it is nice to make a day of it whilst you are abroad.

When you are away doing a little research on where you are staying and what is on offer is a great idea. There is always going to be a landmark or an attraction to visit and spend some time.

Whilst we are away we also try and explore the place’s we are visiting, taking a walk along the beach to find a nice restaurant or just for an ice cream, a little meander through the streets looking at what the local shops have to offer.

Lastly, we always make time for lazy days, days we can spend on the beach or by the pool. The day’s when there are no routines or plans for the day. We just take the day as it comes and enjoys the memories it creates.

Afterall, you are on holiday to enjoy your family time, switch off the phones, put your feet up and just take a breather and enjoy the time. I know that there is going to be a time where the kids will no longer want to come with us, so, for now, we are making the most of the time we get together.

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