How to make the most of Your Workspace

#Collaborative post

Since the dawn of the pandemic forced many of us to begin working from home, our office space has become more important than ever.

As any businesses have kept at partial remote working flexibility in place, make shift offices simply don’t make the cut anymore!

From a recent survey, over 30% of respondents said their productivity is lower when working from home. Cramped desk space, dark lighting, and lack of storage can all be contributing factors as to why we feel a lack of productivity when we work remotely.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your workspace at home.


It’s so easy to overlook clutter within our homes, but the reality is it that it can affect us. Recent psychology studies from the University of California revealed that when our surroundings feel over-crowded, it can make us feel more anxious and stressed. This is why de-cluttering your workspace is essential to help create a positive mindset for the working day ahead. As well as this, having a clean and clear environment makes a better impression to clients during video calls.

Desk set-up

Your desk set-up is the most fundamental factor when it comes to health and comfort. Firstly, it’s important to realise that being il-equipped, such as not having adequate seating or desk space, can cause long-term muscular damage if you have continually bad posture on daily basis. Take time to map out your home office, so that you have plenty of space where you can organise work folders, notepads, stationery, and have the relevant electrical equipment such as dual monitors to make your work tasks easier. There are tonnes of solutions to creating a stylish, functional workspace. Browse online for home fitted offices and get creative with your ideas.



Lighting can be a challenge during remote working because many of us have had to simply improvise with space in our homes which wasn’t built for this purpose. If you find your work area is dark and dingy with a general lack of natural light, consider investing in some good home lighting to brighten things up. Not only does this make your work station clearer, but it also creates the illusion of brightness outside which uplifts our mood and creates a more positive mindset.

Add plants

Adding a plant or two to your office is a great way to bring the outside in, and surround yourself with nature. By adding plants to your workspace you are quite literally bringing life into the room. Not only will this add therapeutic splashes of green to your aesthetic, but plants, such as Mother In Law’s Tongue (or Snake Plants) oxygenate the room, ridding your workspace of any toxics in the air.